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ZeroGround TAIRO GM-1000BT - Bluetooth 8in1 Gamepad

ZeroGround TAIRO GM-1000BT - Bluetooth 8in1 Gamepad

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The newest wireless Zeroground GM-1000BT is convenient game controller well suited for all action games, simulations as well as other games’ fans using PlayStation3. Wireless Bluetooth. Now, sitting comfortable in soft armchair or lying on the sofa, you can take part in most exciting battles of your life.Precisely tuned analog and digital triggers allow full control of movements during game action..


* Bluetooth 2.1, max receiving distance reach 15 meters;
* Support Android tablet pc/Android mobile phone;
* Support PS3 console;
* Support PC-Windows XP,Win7,Win8 system;
* Comportalbe Iphone/Ipad IOS system,support IOS 8.3 version;
* Support Android media box,Android TV set;
* Support PC-XBOX360 Mode on PC-Windows system;
* 3 Modes: GAMEPAD/MOUSE/ICADE. Gamepad & MOUSE used on Android or PC,IOS used on IOS;
* Bulit-in 350mah rechargable battery.10Hs playing time;
* Support double vibration on PC,PS3 platform;

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