Segotep Raynor T5 Black Case

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Segotep Raynor T5 Black CaseSegotep Raynor T5 Black Case

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Come with 3 unit 120mm RGB fan tempered glass Max design Support SSI-EEB server board, up to 305mm x 330mm Support up to 360mm/280mm liquid cooling system x 2 support GPU card up to 420mm support up to 7 unit 120mm fan or 5 unit 140mm fan support up to 2 unit 3.5" HDD & 3 unit 2.5" SSD Support CPU cooler size up to 165mm PCI slot x 8 + 2 size: 540 x 225 x 567mm

New generation full tower electric competition box

The MAX full screen, 0.8mm hardware, 360nn water cooling, RGB package support, 225mm full-tower body

Support SSI - EEB dual - circuit server motherboard (30.5 * 33cm)

The material elements from the automotive industry are made of fully toughened glass made from the same manufacturing process as the car glass

Green rubber ring, protection wear
Flexible graphics card holder to meet different card mounting requirements

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