Element Keyboard & Mouse Wireless KB-260 WMS

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Ultra comfort, outstanding performance and attractive appearance with excellent touch. Special ultra-Quiet technology, can reduce the noise during use prevent spills damage. Special keycap structural design, long life for use 1.000.000 life times. Special design for space bar and enter key. High resilience, enhance the touch feeling and increase of service life. Prevent spill design, prevent spill damage. wireless compact mouse equipped with a well-functioning 1000-1200 dpi switchable optical sensor which enables quick response and high accuracy. Extremely ergonomic design of mouse ensures smooth and precise operation for many hours.


 Keyboard :
2.4G wireless keyboard
Working distance 10-15m
104 keys
Compatible with Windows 98/2000/ XP/VISTA 7/8 /MAC
2.4G wireless mouse
Life Time: 1000000
Compatible with Windows 98/2000/ XP/VISTA 7/8 /MAC

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